Dr. Leonard Spector Discusses the Need for Continuing Dental Education

Continual education is essential in today’s rapidly changing dental world. Dr. Spector takes over 100 hours of continuing education courses annually.

I have always been very involved with continuing dental education. I am currently the president of the Harford-Cecil Dental Society, and I have been involved over the past four years in developing continuing education curricula for members of the society.

I routinely take over 100 hours of continuing education annually. This continuing education features topics on topics such as dental implants, anesthesia, and orthognathic (corrective jaw) surgery. I have also lectured extensively and continue I have published articles on dental implants and facial cosmetic surgery in scientific journals for my peers.

I am committed to professional growth and lifelong learning in my practice. I am always looking for courses that offer timely information with immediate practical application to clinical practice.

There are a minimum number of continuing dental education hours that dentists are required to take each year. I exceed that minimum number by a factor of five because of my strong commitment to continuing dental education. The technology is changing so fast that to be able to provide the most updated and state-of-the-art procedures, one has to take courses in to become proficient and stay current in these areas.

One of my greatest interests is in dental implants, and that field is changing quickly – especially with the use of computer guided surgery techniques – that it is important to for me not only to advance my skills but to have the information about related procedures.

Another thing we do routinely in our office is that we have advanced cardiac life support certification. I have this course done in my office annually. All of my staff members are certified in advanced cardiac life support, something that is not required but I feel it allows us to better very prepared in case of emergency.

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Dr. Leonard Spector