Dental Patients Benefit from Team Approach

Dental patients get the best of both worlds: treatment from both their dentist and an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Your and your family’s oral health is our top priority. We completely understand many of our new patients have fear about dental visits, so our staff is here to provide you and your family with the gentle and caring dental care that you deserve in a comfortable environment.

Treatment in my office often involves a team approach between my office and the referring office. The key is good communication to ensure that the patient gets excellent overall care. I think a lot of patients would be surprised at the level of communication between myself and the referring dentist.

Routinely a general dentist, a prosthodontist, or another dental specialist will refer a case to my office. I will initially talk to that referring dentist before the patient coming to the office, and then when I meet with the patient, we do a detailed workup and either take x-rays, or models, or whatever is required. We regard our practice as an extension of the referring dentist’s practice, so when a patient is referred by another office, we try to keep the same level of care and quality attention with that patient as they have experienced in their dentist’s office.

I send a letter to my referring doctor via e-mail. It is not unusual for me to have multiple rounds of communication with a referring dentist, which may include not only e-mails but also phone calls. In some cases, we will even meet at a second appointment together for a group consult to discuss treatment options with the patient.

We feel that in this way the patient views treatment as not just a single practitioner’s type of procedure, but the patient is getting the benefit of having both the referring doctor and my office team working on treatment together.

If you or anyone in your family is interested in learning more about our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Leonard Spector