Dental Implant Treatment Requires Close Collaboration

Dental implant treatment in Dr. Spector’s office requires close collaboration between the oral and maxillofacial surgeon and the patient’s dentist.

Dental implant treatment is a true collaborative effort between the restorative dentist and me, the oral surgeon. My philosophy on placing dental implants is to use a prosthetically-based approach. The prosthesis is the artificial tooth or crown that is securely affixed to the implant, which is an artificial tooth root. We like to know before we place the dental implant what the final result will be, because the patient is ultimately interested in the new tooth, not the artificial tooth root that supports the tooth.

For any implant case, whether it a single tooth or multiple teeth or full mouth reconstruction, I will discuss the case and meet with the referring dentist prior to the surgery. At that time, we review x-rays and a dental model of the patient’s mouth. We decide ahead of time exactly where the dental implants will be placed to get to that final result. The referring dentist and I determine the type and position of the final replacement of the teeth.

In many occasions, after I place the implants, the restorative dentist is able to place an immediate temporary restoration on the implant, and then the final restoration a few months later. This treatment is all planned prior to the actual surgery.

In cases where we are doing procedures in which the implants are placed and we are replacing a full arch of teeth – upper or lower – many times the final restoration can be placed in the office the same day of the surgery.

Patients may be surprised to learn that in these situations the restorative dentist will be working with me in my office as the implants are being placed. In coordination with the dental laboratory, we will place the final restorations immediately after the implants are placed.

In this way, the patient leaves the office with teeth due to the close collaboration between the oral surgeon and the patient’s dentist.

Dr. Leonard Spector