Compassionate and Caring Dental Team Puts Patients at Ease

Oral surgery, to be truly successful, involves more than just efficient procedures. Putting patients at ease and establishing rapport are also important.

Putting patients at ease and establishing rapport will all start with the initial contact with our office. My office team is well trained and knowledgeable in first discussing why the patient has called the office, what will happen at their initial appointment, and in general what the patient can expect. Not only does the patient, before they come to the office, know what to expect, but we also have on our website online registration and information so that the patient understands our protocols.

I have also developed a very compassionate, very caring staff, and we try to make our office an extension of the general dentist’s office. When a patient is referred to our office, they can feel extremely comfortable knowing that they are going to get as appropriate care in our office as they would be getting in their dentist’s office.

I pride my specialty practice as a practice that not only is the patient coming just for the procedure but we also like to have the patient know that we are caring for them as a person. By having my practice set up as a solo practitioner rather than a large group practice, I have also been able to develop a certain personalized quality of care that follows my philosophy in practice.

During the initial contact with the patient, many times the first five to ten minutes is just spent talking to the patient, not only asking why they are here but also a little bit personally about them. I like them to get to know me, and then after that I want them to be sure that they know they are in the right place, and they are going to get appropriate care.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation or have any questions about our procedures, please feel free to call us or just send an email.

Dr. Leonard Spector