Communication is the Key to Effective Dentistry

Dr. Leonard Spector believes in open communication in his oral surgery office. He also trains his staff to answer a variety of patient questions.

In our office, we believe in excellent communication, so we make it a policy that patients have no trouble at all reaching us on the phone. My team is highly qualified, and they can answer many questions very thoroughly; however, I have instructed my team that I enjoy speaking with patients, and I am happy to get on the phone with a patient before or after a procedure to answer questions. I think patients appreciate the fact that the doctor is there for them, and they should not hesitate to call me to discuss any issues that arise.

I will routinely call the patient in the evening on the day of the surgery, and I will have the team call a few days later to follow up again.

Any patient who comes to see me in my office has 24/7 access to me. In addition to personally calling my patients after the surgery, I am also available to speak to any patients prior to surgery if they have questions regarding upcoming procedures. My team also knows that anybody who calls with questions regarding their treatment can talk to a very knowledgeable surgical assistant that day or they can have direct access to me at any time.

My team also knows that the patients come first, that their needs come first, and no question they ask is unimportant. I will routinely return any calls within a quick timeframe, and patients are also commonly given a number where they can reach me after surgery or anytime if they need to speak to me.

Being available is just another way that we help to put patients at ease and provide personalized service.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment in one of our two offices, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Dr. Leonard Spector